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The Last Musketeer

On sale date: January 17, 2008

A unique mash-up of Alex (Three Musketeers) Dumas and Alex (Flash Gordon) Raymond.

After his existential thriller (Why Are You Doing This?), his Parisian famous-writers crime caper (The Left Bank Gang), and his time-travel story (I Killed Adolf Hitler), Jason's fourth full-color album may feature his loopiest premise yet.

Set in the present, The Last Musketeer stars the by-now centuries old (for no explained reason...and it doesn't matter) musketeer Athos, who has been reduced to a suavely dressed but useless near-panhandler trading on his now almost extinct fame. (Aramis has forsaken his musketeering ways, and Porthos...well, Porthos isn't around any more. Don't ask.) All this changes when one day the Martians attack Earth. Suddenly there is a need for swashes to be buckled, and Athos leaps back into the fray with a vengeance. Robots, evil alien emperors, beautiful alien princesses, rayguns vs. swords, treachery, secret corridors, insanely cool-looking robots...The Last Musketeer is vintage sci-fi adventure with a unique twist from an internationally acclaimed cartoonist.


"A sweet, quirky, and delicious off-the-wall sci-fi comic....The inherent charm and simple, precise presentation of The Last Musketeer inexorably wins you over." — Eddie Thomas - Mass Movement

"Simplicity, when applied in the right manner, speaks volumes, and Norwegian cartoonist Jason has mastered the art." — Resonance

"One of the most exciting cartoonists working today. Not afraid to mix genres and utilize fantastic elements to convey his tales, he evinces a humanity—utilizing animals as main characters—that is sorely lacking in many of the comics being published today." — Chris Beckett - Warrior 27

"Jason's books are entirely plot-driven, yet delivered with a dry, morose humor that gives the narrative an offbeat tone. Coupled with his ear for snappy dialogue, Jason's plots become surprising romps that mash up divergent adventure clichés.... All told, Jason's books, including The Last Musketeer, are pure escapist fun romps.... I'll be looking for more of Jason's comics, and hopefully more readers will also check his stuff out." — Michael C. Lorah - Newsarama


Paperback / Softback
7.1" × 10"