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The cover to Scrooge McDuck: The Dragon of Glasgow by Joris Chamblain and Fabrizio Petrossi, featuring the title and authors' names in blue and red. Behind the text is an illustration of two characters—a duck and a dog—riding in a minecart jumping off the tracks, chasing a scared-looking mouse, over a bridge. A cat hangs on to the bridge, looking at the mouse.
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Joris Chamblain, Fabrizio Petrossi, Translator: David Gerstein

Scrooge McDuck: The Dragon of Glasgow

On sale date: July 25, 2023

Return to Uncle Scrooge’s epic past in this all-new standalone Disney graphic novel… full of thrills and chills in the long-ago coal mines of Scotland!

Decades before becoming Donald Duck’s tough tycoon uncle, Scrooge McDuck lived a childhood of struggle—and adventure! While exploring coal mine tunnels with sister Matilda, young Scrooge meets Erin, niece of a desperate theatre owner… whose proud stage is threatened by fiendish forces! Can Scrooge, not yet smarter than the smarties, find a way to save the day? An all-new saga set in the world of Don Rosa’s Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck series, “The Dragon of Glasgow” forges a new trail with thrills and chills rendered in a modern, animation-inspired style.


9.6" × 12.6"