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Jerome Mulot, Florent Ruppert, Translator: Jessie Aufiery

The Perineum Technique

On sale date: March 5, 2019

This graphic novel explores sex and celibacy in the dating app era through wildly inventive visual metaphor.

JH and Sarah meet online regularly for virtual hookups. Obsessed with the brevity and solitariness of their connections, JH tries to convince Sarah to meet him in person. A strange seduction ensues when Sarah challenges JH to abstinence. The Perineum Technique is a meditation on intimacy in the era of hyperconnectivity -- the couple's online encounters often begin with naked plunges off giant obelisks. Originally serialized in the French newspaper Le Monde, The Perineum Technique is one of the country's most internationally acclaimed graphic novels of recent years, by two of its most exciting creators.


"With a maze of complex emotions, skillful symbolism, and relatable romantic situations, this book is a head game begging to be played." — Publishers Weekly

"The Perineum Technique pushes the comics form to new and tantalizing levels of invention." — PopMatters

"A very heady comic that's fun and easy to read." — The Comics Journal

"The obelisk sequences are iconic, with a whisper of Moebius." — Multiversity Comics


8.3" × 10.8"