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Moto Hagio, Translator: Rachel Thorn

The Poe Clan Vol. 1

On sale date: August 20, 2019

One of the best-selling manga - by one of the most decorated cartoonists in the world - comes to the U.S., starring vampire teens.

The Poe Clan: a race of undead that feeds on the energy of the living, whiling away the centuries in a village of roses where time and geography have no meaning. Circumstances lead to a brother and sister, Edgar and Marybelle, being initiated into the clan too young, and therefore doomed to live out eternity forever on the brink of adulthood, until a wooden stake or a silver bullet should cut them down. In this groundbreaking manga, through three immortal adolescents and the mortals whose lives they touch, Moto Hagio explores what it means to live and to die, to have loved and to have lost.

Please note: This book is a traditional work of manga, and reads back to front and right to left.


"Hagio's sea of accomplishments span four decades, and feature such common themes as friendship, siblings, death, the woods, the future, and love. Most come across as either quite poignant, deliciously odd, or frickin' creepy." — Bust

"Moto Hagio's vision of undying romance is a fairy tale heavy with gothic mystery, intrigue, and hedonism." — Doom Rocket

"It's long past time for western audiences to be able to enjoy this classic of melodramatic manga." — The Beat

"Moto Hagio is a manga icon who heavily influenced modern-day shojo manga, so it's wonderful that more of her works are becoming available in English. The Poe Clan focuses on two siblings who are turned into vampires. Immortality may sound lovely, but it makes their lives complicated." — Book Riot

"The art in this manga is absolutely gorgeous." — Ripe Mangoes


Black and white
7.3" × 9.8"