The cover to The Poe Clan Vol. 2 by Moto Hagio, featuring the title and author's name in dark blue against a light blue background covered with blue, white, and light green flowers. In the center is a wrath of green leaves encircling images of the series' characters.
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Moto Hagio, Translator: Rachel Thorn

The Poe Clan Vol. 2

On sale date: September 20, 2022

This groundbreaking young adult vampire series was created by a pioneer of the shojo/shonen-ai manga genres and one of the world's most influential cartoonists.

In our concluding second volume, an amnesia-stricken Edgar is found alone on a snowy night in England. Separated from his "vampirnella" clan, who feed on the energy of the living and while away the centuries in a village of roses, he struggles to remember his own name. Will Edgar regain his memory and be reunited with them? In stories like "Piccadilly, Seven O'Clock," "Edith," and "The Last Will and Testament of Oswald Owens," there are murders, mysteries, seances, and obsessions — and generations of humans whose lives are profoundly affected by a boy who does not age, Edgar, and his embraced companions: his little sister, Marybelle, and Alan Twilight, a 14-year-old from the 1800s. Fantagraphics is proud to present the second and concluding volume of this best-selling manga, which has been adapted into various media, and is published here in English for the first time.

Please note: This book is a traditional work of manga, and reads back to front and right to left.


"[Hagio's] work is inspired by American science-fiction and European film, suffused with markedly fluid notions of gender and evinces her unflinching eagerness to explore some very dark psychological places." — NPR


Black-and-white with color
7.3" × 9.8"