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Anne Simon, Translator: Jenna Allen

The Song Of Aglaia

On sale date: July 3, 2018

A sea nymph is cast out and finds her own way in this debut graphic novel.

Aglaia is a simple sea nymph. One day, a Merman seduces Aglaia, forever altering her life's course. She is cast out of Oceanid by her chauvinistic father, forcing her to wander many days and nights, until one day she finds herself at the benefit of one Mr. Kite, whose traveling circus welcomes her (including the star attraction, a waltzing Horse named Henry) and once again alters her fate, sending her down many more unexpected paths. The Song of Aglaia is the first solo graphic novel by cartoonist Anne Simon, presenting a beautifully crafted female spin on the classic heroic myths of Greek literature, tracing the journey of a victimized and then almighty woman with a graceful understanding of human relationships and loving nods to the Bronte sisters, David Bowie, and the Beatles.


"Simon touches on feminism, revolution, and the nature of power and corruption. Haunting, odd, and sharp, The Song of Aglaia will appeal to lovers of literary comics." — Booklist

"The Song of Aglaia puts a complicated, heady feminist spin on tired old myths and legends." — The Beat

"Possibly the most unsettling fairy tale you'll read all year, The Song of Aglaia is as feminist as it is iconoclastic. Simon's scritch-scratch textures and kids'-book-gone-awry character designs provide a perfect vehicle for her exploration of the ways lust and — more upsettingly — love destroy our ideals." — Vulture

"There's whimsy and an other-worldliness surging through all 122 pages, and it's easy to get caught up in the sheer fantastical delights. Prepare to laugh and squirm!" — Adventures in Poor Taste

"Simon's artwork is equally complex, multi-faceted, and more than up to the task set by her ambitious, layered narrative — detailed linework, intricate cross-hatching, unique character designs, literally fantastic environments rendered with stylish flair ... The Song of Aglaia is a comics story both timeless and utterly, singularly fresh and new." — Four Color Apocalypse


Black and white
7" × 9"