The cover to Thimble Theatre & the Pre-Popeye Comics of E.C. Segar: Revised and Expanded, featuring a man in a cowboy hat and boots walking on all fours. On top of him is a smaller man in a cowboy hat riding him like a horse, with a white bundle tied up to the first man's back. On top of the bundle is a dog. A pickaxe is tied to the bundle, and a chicken sits on top of the pickaxe, with a string tying it to the dog's tail.
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E. C. Segar, Peter Maresca, Paul C Tumey, Jeet Heer, Michael Tisserand

Thimble Theatre & the Pre-Popeye Comics of E.C. Segar: Revised and Expanded

On sale date: October 29, 2024

A revised and expanded edition of the Eisner-Award nominated classic collection, featuring a new 4-page, all Segar Sunday section.

More than a decade before he created the world’s most famous cartoon sailor, Elzie Crisler Segar began his comics career in the movies. He drew cartoons for silent movie theater slides, the Charlie Chaplin comic strip, and a daily strip about Chicago’s movies and entertainment. Then, in 1919, he penned his own “small screen” creation for the newspapers, Thimble Theatre, where Popeye was to be born a decade later. This comprehensive volume features examples of all of E.C. Segar’s early comics and illustrations, with over 100 pre-Popeye Thimble Theatre Sunday pages including the complete run of the famed Western desert saga, a series that rivals his later work in superb art, storytelling, and humor.

Newly revised and expanded, this new printing contains ten additional pages plus a 1920s-style Sunday comics section insert paying tribute to Segar and his comic creations featuring Charlie Chaplin’s Comic Capers and Popeye’s “The Jeep.”

Text and illustrations offer an in-depth history and commentary on the life and work of E. C. Segar by historians Paul C. Tumey and Jeet Heer, and best-selling author and journalist Michael Tisserand. Thimble Theatre is an essential part of any comics lover’s library.

Thimble Theatre & the Pre-Popeye Comics of E.C. Segar: Revised and Expanded is part of the Popeye series.


13" × 16.5"