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Graham Chaffee

To Have And To Hold

On sale date: May 30, 2017

A para-noir graphic novel set during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Set in October 1962, while the world holds its collective breath awaiting the possibly apocalyptic climax of the unfolding Cuban Missile Crisis, the banality of everyday life goes on—and Lonnie and Kate Ross confront their own domestic cold war. As Kate, frustrated and disillusioned, looks outside her marriage for satisfaction, Lonnie’s justifiable suspicions of his wife’s infidelity lead him down a deadly rod of increasing paranoia and violence as he seeks to reclaim what he’s lost. Masterfully paced and drawn in Chaffee’s fluid, inky brushstrokes, To Have and To Hold captures the pulpy, nocturnal atmosphere of classic noir.


"Chaffee seamlessly depicts haggard, world-weary figures and heavy black ink shadows against stark whites, and his storytelling has a sinewy strength. It's a first-rate drama." — Publishers Weekly

"Like the best noir creators on page and film, Chaffee makes us not care that the ending shows before the first scene's over. He does it through high-contrast black-and-white drawing, not-quite-caricatural rendering of faces, and constantly shifting points of view and angles of regard. He's got the callous noir patter down, too." — Booklist

"Graham Chaffee's To Have and To Hold is a clipped, tight, pugnacious crime novel based around a bank robbery. Set at the start of the 1960s, it hits all the noir notes—double crosses, a femme fatale and the closing in of remorseless fate are all present and correct." — Herald Scotland

"Altogether, an excellent story that shows you the thin line between love and hate gets razor sharp when it comes to crime and money." — Graphic Policy

"Over the course of 200 chiaroscuro pages, Chaffee puts his spin on the classic heist story through deeply-articulated characters and a black-and-white style perfectly matched to the subject matter." — The Comics Journal


Paperback / Softback
Black and white
7.8" × 10.2"