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Lane Milburn

Twelve Gems

On sale date: August 3, 2014

In this graphic novel space epic, a scientist sends three heroes to search the galaxy for the Twelve Gems of Power.

This sci-fi epic takes place somewhere in the outer cosmos, beyond reckoning or observation. The mysterious Dr. Z has enlisted three space heroes to search the galaxy for the fabled Twelve Gems of Power: the hulking alien-brawn Furz; the beautiful and deadly sabre-wielding Venus; and the soft-spoken canine technician, Dogstar. They meet many strange and storied characters on their journey, but none so strange or sinister as their dear benefactor himself. With a heavy dose of humor and wall-to-wall action, this is one of the most action-packed and funny books of the year.


"...Twelve Gems [is] an absurd sci-fi epic with joyful, inky art reviving the best of high-school-desk ballpoint masterpieces and 1970s side-of-van murals. The story — involving a winged genius dog, a pig monster, a sultry space warrior in leather lingerie, a mad scientist, a quest for a dozen mystic rocks and the cyber-future of sex dolls — is dumb, convoluted and perfect! ... For fans of pulpy storytelling, fans of silly action, and fans of fans, this book is the gem you must seek." — Jake Austen - Chicago Tribune

"A valuable gem to add to any collection focusing on independent comics and alternative storytelling with its avant-garde narrative voice, classical art style, and brilliantly paced sense of adventure..." — Alger C. Newberry III - Library Journal

"With Twelve Gems, Milburn confirms that he’s a cartoonist with much to give. … His cartooning evokes the mutant bloodletting of Johnny Ryan’s Prison Pit but also the workmanlike sci-fi tales of EC artists like Joe Orlando. While depicting spacecraft and alien landscapes, Milburn favors expressiveness over tight linework, though he frequently achieves both. Milburn’s obsessive crosshatching, in particular, has the effect of making the comic read less like a genre experiment and more like a passion project. … Milburn has drawn a smartly balanced comic, however brainless it appears. … And when Milburn takes big leaps, he lands in spaces worth exploring." — Greg Hunter - The Comics Journal

"In Twelve Gems, Milburn has created a playful homage to the genre... The result is a work that can be enjoyed by a diverse body of comics readers, ranging from old school fans of the form all the way through to newbies who just saw the Guardians of the Galaxy movie." — Bill Boichel - Comics Workbook

"This excellent, retro space opera reads like a funny, alternative Infinity Gauntlet meets Guardians of the Galaxy -- but way cooler than both." — Benn Ray - Largehearted Boy


Paperback / Softback
Black & white.
5.8" × 8.5"