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Charles M. Schulz

Waiting For The Great Pumpkin

On sale date: September 21, 2014

See where Linus' quest to meet the Great Pumpkin began in this gift-book-sized collection of the Peanuts newspaper-strip story arcs.

Linus and his wait for the Great Pumpkin have been a pop-culture touchstone for nearly 50 years thanks to the animated television special ("I got a rock"), and it all started in the classic Peanuts strips (1959-1962) collected in this affordable, fun-sized gift book. Linus's proselytizing that on Halloween, the Great Pumpkin rises from the pumpkin patch and travels the world bringing presents to good little girls and boys are derided by his sister Lucy, laughed at by Charlie Brown, met with skepticism by baby Sally, and even causes "denominational squabbling" over who's better, the Great Pumpkin or Santa Claus. Year after year, Linus faces his persecution and inevitable disappointment with either blind faith or Quixotic perseverance. Charles M. Schulz's homage to the power of idealism and belief makes these some of the most beloved comic strips of all time.

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Waiting For The Great Pumpkin is part of the Themed Peanuts Books series.


"This adorable little collection of strips is the perfect prize for your costume contest. Growing up, you may have gotten to know the Great Pumpkin mainly through the evergreen TV special — but the original strips collected here are both brainier and more emotionally complex than the show." — Etelka Lehoczky - NPR

"Perfect Halloween comics… Genius. Sheer genius." — Richard Bruton - Forbidden Planet International

"It doesn't get better than this." — Heidi MacDonald - The Beat


Black and white with some color
5.8" × 5.8"