The cover to Wake Up, Percy Gloom! by Cathy Malkasian, featuring the title and author's name over an illustration of the title character looking confused or dazed in a snowstorm.
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Cathy Malkasian

Wake Up, Percy Gloom

On sale date: July 5, 2013

The immortal little man with the light-up head returns in Cathy Malkasian's new graphic novel, which can be read as a sequel or a standalone book.

Cartoonist and animator Cathy Malkasian follows up her 2007 graphic novel Percy Gloom (a minor classic) with the further adventures of the small, immortal man with a light-up head. In Wake Up, Percy Gloom, kindhearted Percy awakens from (what he thinks is) a 200-year nap and finds himself in a strange new land. As Percy goes on a quest to locate his mother, he encounters many inspired inventions and bizarre, and sometimes dangerous, characters and situations, such as singing goats and furniture parades. Through it all he pines for his long-lost love and soul mate, Miss Margaret—but his love may not be as doomed as he thinks. Malkasian's lush and detailed pencil drawings, surreal humor, absurdist characters and stunning visual storytelling ensure that fans of the first graphic novel will find the sequel just as fantastical, touching, and hilarious; new readers will discover a gorgeously rendered world of luminous landscapes, gentle humor, and a cast composed variously of wise, naive, and flawed characters in a wide-ranging story that stands on its own.


"Malkasian's gentle pencil drawings, reminiscent of Raymond Briggs's The Snowman and Gentleman Jim, are simultaneously magical and reflective of aspects of humanity. Allegorical, surreal, and thoughtful, this book is recommended for readers who prefer comics with philosophy as a side." — Ingrid Bohnenkamp - Library Journal

"Starred Review: The absurdist nature of the landscape Malkasian creates is reward enough in itself... But more than just absurdism is in play, and both the book's spellbinding illustrations and charming narrative are wonderfully evocative. ... Impossible to overlook... is how charming this love story is — never saccharin or conventional or recycled. It's not an easy thing to create a sequel to a story that was lauded for its originality, but this work makes us think it is." — Publishers Weekly

"A quiet fable of immortality, hope, longing and singing goats, Wake Up, Percy Gloom captures the wonderful and unpredictable nature of our lives. It reminds us that much of what we are is actually the connections, both good and bad, that we share with others. ... In a graphic novel filled with exceptional art, lush dreamscapes and characters of rich beauty, Ms. Malkasian brings simple moments to life that show us the depth of someone's heart." — Mark Squirek - New York Journal of Books

"Wake Up, Percy Gloom is a treat for anyone who grew up with a steady diet of Nickelodeon cartoons. ... Malkasian decorates the tale with surreal and absurd dressing (reminiscent of the land of Oz, more than anything else), and plots with twists and turns that are almost impossible to anticipate. ... If L. Frank Baum, Jim Henson, and Jeff Smith wrote a comic together, it would feel (and look) a bit like [Wake Up,] Percy Gloom." — Josh Christie - iFanboy


8.3" × 10.3"