The cover to Donald Duck: Donald's Happiest Adventures by Lewis Trondheim and Keramidas, featuring the title in blue and yellow, surrounded by design flourishes, and the author's names in beige. Below the title is an illustration of various Disney characters engaged in different activities on a snowy hillside while Donald Duck floats above them thanks to a balloon tied around his waist. He raises his hand to his eyes in a salute.
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Lewis Trondheim, Nicolas Kéramidas, Translator: David Gerstein

Walt Disney's Donald Duck: Donald's Happiest Adventures

On sale date: February 21, 2023

Acclaimed French cartoonists Lewis Trondheim and Nicolas Kéramidas present a mind-bending Duckburg graphic novel!

When Donald grouses that money will never buy Uncle Scrooge happiness, Scrooge snaps — and sets Donald on a treasure hunt for happiness itself. A terrible task for an unlucky Duck… or is it? With help from Professor Ludwig Von Drake, deep in the cranky kingdom of Brutopia — the impossible may be possible! Presented as a "lost" 1960s Disney story — complete with retro-style color — Donald's Happiest Adventures bristles with wit in the Carl Barks tradition… and bustles with the whole Disney comics cast, including friends and rivals Gladstone Gander, Mickey Mouse, and Pegleg Pete!

Walt Disney's Donald Duck: Donald's Happiest Adventures is part of the Disney Originals series.


"Donald's journey from Duckburg to parts unknown is gorgeously rendered. Every page is a visual smorgasbord. Each detail is dynamite." — PopCult HQ

"I feel happier for finally reading this book." — Duck Talks

"The entire book, with a wild plot that might find Donald in the snowy Himalayas on one page and lying on a beach on the next, is something of a meditation on happiness. ... It is a fun adventure." — School Library Journal


9.5" × 12.6"