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Carl Barks

Walt Disney's Donald Duck Adventures Mini Collection

On sale date: September 24, 2024

Our newest Disney collection presents three snazzy books packed with fun, laughs, and adventure — each paperback is complete with all the original story and art by Disney legend Carl Barks!

A ghost in armor, a high noon showdown, and the treasure of a lifetime!

In “Ghost in the Grotto,” Donald Duck and his nephews try to harvest kelp at Skull-Eye Reef but are soon menaced by a ducknapping ghost in armor, a centuries-old curse, and a giant octopus who — well, what do you think giant octopuses do? (Plus: two bonus stories, by Barks!) Next, when Blacksnake McSquirt’s high-tech gang moves into town in “Sheriff of Bullet Valley,” Donald Duck, who learned everything he knows about fighting bad guys from the movies, boldly dons a badge and swaggers into the fray. Can Donald solve the mystery? Can you? (The first clue is on the back cover!) Then Donald Duck and his nephews hoist sail on their most momentous quest ever in “The Golden Helmet”! In a rip-roaring race full of twists, turns, and tumultuous upsets, they bound over treacherous seas, slog across treacherous terrain — and get waylaid by treacherous opponents! The prize: a fabulous Viking artifact that will make its finder king of North America! (Plus: three more Barks bonus stories!)

Our Adventures Mini Collection features nearly 300 pages of comic adventures in three handy landscape format paperback volumes inside a nifty little slipcase.


"Enormously well-crafted and equally enormously entertaining, timeless comedy adventures … the perfect gift for just about any reader of comics, regardless of age, background, or experience." — School Library Journal

"[The Golden Helmet is] my favorite … an exciting plot, involving historical intrigue in the search for a fabulous treasure." — Don Rosa

"I consider [Carl Barks's comics] to be the best form of storytelling I've read." — Jeff Kinney


Paperback / Softback
7.5" × 5.5"