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Carl Barks

Walt Disney's Donald Duck "Frozen Gold": The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library Vol. 2

On sale date: November 5, 2024

Kidnapped, Donald escapes, only to wander hopelessly in the far frozen north! Next, he invents a rocket fuel powerful enough to send him to the moon!

Sick of the snow, Donald trades his house for an airplane so he and the boys can winter in the tropics. But fate intervenes, and they find themselves flying a crucial supply of penicillin to the stricken community of Point Marrow, Alaska. Meanwhile, some shady characters decide to use Donald’s rescue mission as cover to steal an old-timer’s secret gold stash — kidnapping Donald along the way! Escaping from their clutches, a freezing Donald, lost in the vast empty wastes of the far, far north encounters an angry polar bear who chases him off a cliff — and then things really start to go wrong! Next, Donald suffers a bonk on the head that turns him into a scientific genius. His first invention: duckmite, an explosive so powerful that he uses it to propel a rocket to the moon. Then, Donald accidentally gives the boys a rare dime worth $500. But how to get it back?

As we circle back to Carl Barks’s earlier stories, the Good Duck Artist delivers another superb collection of surprise, delight, comedy, adventure, and all-around cartooning brilliance. Eighteen stories in all in more than 200 pages of story and art, each meticulously restored and newly colored. Plus, insightful story notes by an international panel of Barks experts.


7.6" × 10.3"