The cover to Walt Disney's Donald Duck "Mystery of the Swamp", featuring the title and cartoonist's name between two illustrations, along with text reading "Extra! A Mickey Mouse Story!" and "Introduction by Freddy Milton." The top illustration features Donald and the nephews peeking above a bunch of leaves, with all of their hats flying off in surprise. The bottom illustration features Donald and the nephews getting into a rowboat while an alligator in the foreground looks at them hungrily.
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Carl Barks

Walt Disney's Donald Duck "Mystery of the Swamp": The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library Vol. 3

On sale date: August 20, 2024

From the Everglades to the Grand Canyon, danger at every turn!

Carl Barks's first foray into his signature series of adventures in "lost civilizations'' takes the Ducks deep into the Everglades, where they find themselves bedeviled by the enigmatic Gneezles, who have escaped detection from outsiders since the days of Ponce de León — and want to keep it that way. Then, the fun comes fast and furious as Donald invents a radar detector to track the nephews, the boys open their own detective agency, an ice-skating race, a water-skiing race, the nephews fall into the Grand Canyon (!), and Donald decides to build the largest kite in the world! Plus: Barks's only Mickey Mouse mystery, "Mickey Mouse and Riddle of the Red Hat."

As we circle back to Carl Barks's earlier stories, the Good Duck Artist delivers another superb collection of surprise, delight, comedy, adventure, and all-around cartooning brilliance. 215 pages of story and art, each meticulously restored and newly colored. Insightful story notes by an international panel of Barks experts — including internationally famed cartoonist Freddy Milton (Donald Duck, Woody Woodpecker, Nuft and the Last Dragons).


"Enormously well-crafted and equally entertaining, timeless comedy adventures ... [the Carl Barks Disney Library series] makes the perfect gift for just about any reader of comics, regardless of age, background, or experience with the art form." — School Library Journal


7.5" × 10.25"