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Mau Heymans, Bas Heymans, David Gerstein, Dwight Decker, Gary Leach, Joe Torcivia, Jonathan H Gray, Thad Komorowski

Walt Disney's Donald Duck: Scandal of the Epoch Express: Disney Masters Vol. 10

On sale date: April 14, 2020

In this collection of comics stories, Donald battles master spies and his own Uncle Scrooge!

Railroad porter Donald Duck can’t wait to serve breakfast to his action-movie idol, Sharon Stun. But Donald and his nephews get caught up in a real-life thriller when “Mystic” Max McMalefactor, disguise artist and sinister spy, infiltrates the Epoch Express! In “Scent-imental Romeos,” Donald vows to create the world’s stinkiest cologne. And in “Don Quiduck De La Mancha,” a hypnotized Donald thinks he’s a knight — and helps the Beagle Boys rob Uncle Scrooge’s Money Bin! Each volume of our Disney Masters series presents acclaimed comics artists from around the world working in the grand Walt Disney tradition.

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Full-color illustrations throughout.
7.9" × 10.7"