Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Color Sundays "Robin Hood Rises Again" cover image. The cover is purple and features Mickey Mouse dressed as Robin Hood standing proudly before two mouse children, as well as some panels from inside the comic.
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Floyd Gottfredson, David Gerstein

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Color Sundays "Robin Hood Rides Again": Volume 2

On sale date: November 16, 2013

In our second book of Floyd Gottfredson's full-color Sunday newspaper strips, Donald Duck and Goofy join Mickey Mouse in another round of adventures riffing on Robin Hood, Westerns and much more.

He's faster than a speeding arrow... more powerful than the Sheriff of Nottingham... able to leap high taxes in a single bound! He's Mickey Mouse! He's back in color — and traveling back in time: battling evil medievals in our second book of Floyd Gottfredson's Sunday classics. Donald Duck, Goofy, and mischievous Morty and Ferdie are invited along too... if they dare! Standout stories in this volume include "The Robin Hood Adventure," in which Mickey joins the Merry Men: swordfighting, jousting, and risking his life to rob the rich! Then Mickey faces Gold Rush gunslingers as the "Sheriff of Nugget Gulch"— and outwits the ever-sneaky Mortimer Mouse in "Mickey's Rival!" Restored from Studio art sources and enhanced with a meticulous recreation of the strips' original color, Robin Hood Rides Again also includes more than 30 pages of swashbuckling extra features. In this second volume, you'll enjoy coveted non-Mouse Disney comics by Gottfredson, rare behind-the-scenes art, and commentary by a Round Table of Mickey scholars.

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Color Sundays "Robin Hood Rides Again": Volume 2 is part of the The Floyd Gottfredson Library series.


"…'The Robin Hood Adventure'… isn't just a great story from a great creator, it's the kind of story where I want to just start grabbing people on the street and telling them they have to read it, because it's one of the weirdest things I have ever read. … Even beyond 'The Robin Hood Adventure,' it's a pretty phenomenal collection that has a lot of varied stuff to offer. There's the best of Gottfredson's adventures, incredible comedy and interesting looks at other corners of the Disney comics empire, all underneath one cover." — Chris Sims - ComicsAlliance


10.6" × 8.9"