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Romano Scarpa, David Gerstein, Jonathan H. Gray, Dwight Decker

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse: The Delta Dimension: Disney Masters Vol. 1

On sale date: May 15, 2018

Mickey has to discover the mystery of the strange glowing snow in this new series highlighting classic comic book creators.

When Mickey’s town is hit by a blizzard of strange glowing snow, everyone thinks it’s a publicity stunt. But genius Dr. Einmug knows better: Pegleg Pete is on the loose with Einmug’s weather-control secrets! Only Mickey and Einmug’s mysterious companion — the odd little Atomo Bleep-Bleep — can save the day before a poison rainstorm wipes Mouseton off the map! Romano Scarpa (1927–2005) took over for Floyd Gottfreson and spun out decades’ worth of new Mickey action epics — most of which have never been available in English! This volume also reunites Mickey, Atomo, and Pete for Scarpa’s “The Bleep-Bleep 15" and “The Fabulous Kingdom of Shan-Grilla," two internationally famous tales making their North American debut!

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse: The Delta Dimension: Disney Masters Vol. 1 is part of the Disney Masters series.


7.9" × 10.6"