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The cover to Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse: The River of Time: Disney Masters Vol. 25, featuring an illustration of Mickey Mouse steering a ship, wearing a sailor suit. Next to him is a portrait of the classic Mickey Mouse design.
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Corrado Mastantuono, Francesco Artibani

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse: The River of Time: Disney Masters Vol. 25

On sale date: August 27, 2024

Who sank Steamboat Willie? Mickey and Peg Leg Pete declare a truce to solve an ancient mystery—but an older enemy hopes they go down with the ship!

How did Peg Leg Pete become Mickey’s arch-enemy? Sail into the past aboard that infamous riverboat Steamboat Willie… and see how a standoff between Mickey, Pete, and jewel thief Jeb Fishbone sank the ship—and lost Mouseton’s biggest gem in the roaring rapids! Can Mickey and Pete raise Steamboat Willie today? Or will they destroy each other trying?

The adventures continue as Donald and Gyro Gearloose battle their brassy new neighbor, one-duck disaster area Boomer Buff, in “The Case of the Amazing Brain.” And then Mickey is back for round two—and maybe three?—when a “Mouse in the Mirror” turns real, and Mickey faces off with Ricky Rodent, an evil twin who’s also a better detective!


7.8" × 10.6"