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Floyd Gottfredson

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse "Outwits The Phantom Blot": Volume 5

On sale date: June 22, 2014

In this collection of the award-winning newspaper strip, Mickey Mouse faces one of his most famous villains.

Disney’s greatest villain steals the spotlight! The vile Phantom Blot—dressed head-to-foot in his ghostly black cloak—is turning Mouseton upside down and leaving a trail of danger and destruction behind! Can Mickey thwart his plans? Our latest book also finds Mickey battling “Mighty Whalehunter” Pegleg Pete on the high seas and meeting a powerful genie! Lovingly restored from Disney’s original proof sheets, this volume also includes more than 30 pages of inky extras! You’ll enjoy rare behind-the-scenes art, vintage publicity material, and fascinating commentary by a most-wanted list of Disney scholars. Walt Disney often said that his studio’s success “all started with a Mouse”—now it’s time to rediscover the wild, unforgettable personality behind the icon: Floyd Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse.

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse "Outwits The Phantom Blot": Volume 5 is part of the The Floyd Gottfredson Library series.


"The swift-paced verve of Gottfredson's storytelling and the period charm of his drawings make these vintage strips a delight…" — Gordon Flagg - Booklist

"...[T]he stories are great; beautifully drawn and full of clever gags that hold up 75 years later, with thrilling adventure, engaging character and a use of the medium that, in a lot of ways, puts its contemporary superhero comics to shame." — Chris Sims - ComicsAlliance

"With volumes five and six, we see Mickey go on adventures overseas with Goofy, go toe-to-toe with the Phantom Blot, and explore Cave-Man Island. Fantagraphics includes several behind-the-scenes art pieces and tons more extras and commentary in the back of both collections." — Cameron Hatheway - Bleeding Cool

"For superhero fans, imagine that 'The Phantom Blot' is to Mickey what The Dark Knight Returns is for Batman. Not in terms of theme or plot, but in the way that later creators keep going back to that well, trying to recapture its magic." — Benito Cereno - ComicsAlliance


Back and white with some full-color
10.6" × 8.8"