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Jerry Moriarty

Whatsa Paintoonist?

On sale date: September 19, 2017

In this book, a fine artist creates a dialogue with his past and present selves through pen-and-ink and painted art.

At the age of 76, the painter/cartoonist Jerry Moriarty moved from his studio loft in Manhattan, where he lived and worked for 49 years, to his childhood home in Binghamton, New York, where he lived from the age of six until he went to Pratt Institute at 18. The artist uses this as an opportunity to interrogate his past via the act of painting as a mnemonic. He invents teenager Sally, based on his sister Pat, with whom he talks and shares his paintings: "The painting becomes a time machine..."


"For fans who've followed the artist since his first appearance in Raw as well as newbie art comics devotees, Moriarty delivers with edgy, absurdist unpredictability." — Publishers Weekly

"This delightfully idiosyncratic book uses a mixture of gorgeous acrylic paintings and simple black-and-white comics panels to explore the septuagenarian author's childhood in Binghamton, New York." — Vulture

"Whatsa Paintoonist? is an intensely personal act of remembrance." — Slings & Arrows

"Jerry Moriarty's work moves me to my very core and helps me remember what's most dear to me. He is a true genius, and one of the greatest cartoonists who's ever lived." — Chris Ware


Full-color and black and white
10.4" × 13.3"