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On sale date: June 15, 2011

The creators of Hate and Love and Rockets team up for an all-ages rock'n'roll extravaganza!

Move over, Josie & the Pussycats!

At last, a girl-centered comic book that actually appeals to girls (and even their parents)! Co-created by comics living legends Peter Bagge (Hate) and Gilbert Hernandez (Love & Rockets), Yeah! is a unique masterpiece of all-ages fun. Originally published as a nine-issue comic book series from 1999-2000 by DC's Wildstorm imprint, this all-ages gem (approved by the Comics Code Authority, no less!) is collected here for the very first time.

Krazy (vocals and guitars), Honey (drums) and WooWoo (keyboards) are the members of the pop band Yeah! They've achieved intergalactic superstardom on every planet but their own (Earth), where they live in anonymity and suffer indignities in their home of suburban New Jersey. The girls struggle with bad gigs (struggling to win $200 amateur-night contests despite playing to packed crowds of adoring fans on Uranus), aliens who have crushes on them, and rival boy band The Snobs.

Separately, writer Peter Bagge and artist Gilbert Hernandez have well-deserved reputations as creators of some of comics' most complex female characters, and in Yeah!, they have collaborated to produce a pop-culture, sci-fi, mainstream comic that finally offers a riotous alternative to the leaden, out-of-touch humor of Archie Comics.

Yeah! is part of the HATE series.
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"Two indie comics mainstays offer an intergalactic take on Josie and the Pussycats. Yeah! follows the exploits of Krazy, Honey, and Woo Woo, a three-girl rock band who've achieved huge success everywhere in the galaxy except for Earth. So the trio trades time between sold out arenas in the far reaches of space and slumming it to amateur showcases around their native New Jersey." — Matt White - Publishers Weekly

"...Yeah! is a surprisingly delightful fun fantasy of kicky pop music, weird alien fans, and evil twin competition bands.... Witty, high-spirited, and thoroughly fun, it's the greatest Saturday morning cartoon adventure that never was." — Bully the Little Stuffed Bull - Robot 6

"Unapologetically silly, Yeah! is every bit as fun as it sounds. Hernandez's vivid, cartoony art is a pleasure, and Bagge packs the script with funny throwaway gags and over-the-top characters. Kids should dig it, and so should anyone looking for a comic with a sense of fun, which has become something of a scarce commodity in recent years." — The Onion A.V. Club

"...[T]hese two secret masters of rock fandom and mavericks of cartooning show zest-finesse and feisty satire chronicling the lives lived on the margins of collaborated garage bomp in a series of outrageous stories that could only be true in the music world they've personally known..." — Chris Estey - KEXP


Paperback / Softback
Black and white
7.1" × 10.3"