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Michel Fiffe


On sale date: November 14, 2017

Neorealism and the visually impossible collide to make the perfect heart beat in Michel Fiffe's Zegas!

Zegas details the surreal urban adventures of the recently orphaned Zegas siblings. The ambitious Emily and her moody brother, Boston, are young adults who confront their new relationship dynamic in the face of a family tragedy that never gets talked about. The world of Zegas is set in a hyper-stylized landscape, but the down-to-earth characters and their conflicts are what anchor the story. At its core, Zegas is a collection of interactions that map out Emily and Boston’s most primal concerns: survival, sex, and mortality.


"Truly, we are blessed to be alive while Michel Fiffe is making comics. His greatest gift is his ability to create a page — there’s no visual element that isn’t stunning, from the evocatively sonic lettering to the ever-fluxing panel borders." — Vulture

"These short stories about siblings Boston and Emily Zegas show Fiffe discovering new narrative possibilities telling grounded, character-driven stories with a boundary-pushing point of view." — The A.V. Club

"If Brendan McCarthy and Joost Swarte collaborated on a Love and Rockets strip, the result would be something like Zegas." — Bleeding Cool

"Zegas transports readers to a bizarre world of delightful banality and relatable cosmic wonders." — Adventures in Poor Taste

"Fiffe's appropriation of the visual language of the psychedelic and superheroic world serves to convey the fast movement of hyperbolic joy of life." — Comic Book Resources


Paperback / Softback
8.6" × 11.1"