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Harold Gray, Jeet Heer, Sammy Harkham

Ed Leffingwell's Little Joe: The Sunday Comics by Harold Gray

On sale date: April 7, 2020

Read the best of Little Joe, from the creator of Little Orphan Annie, who took over this Western comic strip!

With the untimely death of his cousin and fellow cartoonist, Ed Leffingwell, Harold Gray took the reins of this seminal Western comic strip. He created a combination of dark adventure, as seen in his Little Orphan Annie, and a modern-West version of "family life" comics like Gasoline Alley This book presents the best of the Little Joe comic strip from 1937 to 1942, with violence, humor and warmth in a low-key style that could only be told in art and story by a master, Harold Gray.


"Little Joe, now largely forgotten, has to be rediscovered to be appreciated... Some happy few will certainty discover its riches thus, and it can be hoped that their enthusiasm will spread the good word about Harold Gray's other great strip." — Bill Blackbeard


Full color.
13.2" × 9.2"