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Sammy Harkham, Kim Deitch, Renee French, Kevin Huizenga, Michael DeForge

Kramers Ergot 9

On sale date: April 19, 2016

The acclaimed anthology of avant-garde comics comes to Fantagraphics.

Powerful and impulsive cartooning of the highest caliber still exists in the short form; you just have to look. For all these lonely lovers, Kramers Ergot fights the good fight and gathers many of the best and brightest together in one giant, oversized collection. For a few moments, you can fool yourself into believing in a reality where "comics" is vital and powerful, and can still make you lose it with laughter. Kramers Ergot 9 will feature the work of Michael Deforge, Noel Freibert, Steve Weissman, Anya Davidson, Stefan Marx, Abraham Diaz, Leon Sadler, Julia Gfrörer, Adam Buttrick, Kim Deitch, Ben Jones, Andy Burkholder, Antony Huchette, Trevor Alixopulos, Antoine Cossé, Archer Prewitt, Kevin Huizenga, Renee French, and many other greats tba.


"While previous issues of this groundbreaking comics anthology defined a generation of comics, this one presents some of the finest cartoonists from that generation..." — Heidi MacDonald - Publishers Weekly


Paperback / Softback
9.1" × 11.8"