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Michael Dormer, Michael Powers, Eric Reynolds, Brian Chidester, Domenic Priore

Michael Dormer And The Legend Of Hot Curl

On sale date: August 29, 2017

This collects the 1960s–1970s surf cartoons—and more—of an artist best known for his Shrimpenstein TV show.

Michael Dormer is synonymous with the California surf counterculture in the 1960s and 1970s. This is the first-ever retrospective of the artist, culled from his own archives. It collects all of his character Hot Curl's comic strips for the magazine SurfToons, his designs for his TV show, a vast selection of his fine art, and other surprises.


"If counterculture is your vibe, this is your favorite release of 2017." — Broken Frontier

"Multitalented artist Michael Dormer passed away in 2012, and he left behind a legacy of strange and wondrous works including the comic character Hot Curl, a selection of fine art, and the 1960s TV show Shrimpenstein! Now Fantagraphics is publishing the first-ever retrospective of the artist." — The Stranger


Black and white
8.4" × 11.3"