The cover to Night Terror by John Kenn Mortenson, featuring the author's name and the book title in white against a dark background illustration of a winged, many-toothed creature swooping down on three children riding on the back of a dark unicorn as it runs through a field. One child, a girl, holds a sword. The title appears in a font reminiscent of a metal band logo.
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John Kenn Mortensen

John Kenn Mortensen's Night Terror

On sale date: April 11, 2023

Reminiscent of Edward Gorey and Bernie Wrightson, a collection of spine-chilling line drawings of the creatures that haunt our dreams when night falls.

When the sun goes down, our minds invent all manner of horrors that may lurk in the darkness. Danish cult illustrator John Kenn Mortensen draws inspiration from this shadowy realm, and his pen skillfully conjures these eerie visions on paper. Open this book (if you dare) to encounter a frightful horde of sepia-toned spooks — witches, wraiths, goblins, giant spiders, wild boars, evil clowns — and countless other unspeakable creatures. Hairy, hooded, or horned, they peer at you ominously through dead eyes, their fangs bared.

By turns playful, wicked, stunningly imaginative, and masterfully rendered, the compositions in Night Terror are like a combination of Edward Gorey and Bernie Wrightson — and the monsters themselves are as formidable and menacing as those that a Witcher might hunt down. A deliciously creepy collection of pen-and-ink drawings for those who find themselves beguiled by the things that go bump in the night.


"It's all the nightmares of my childhood gathered together in one place to party. So much more terrifying than slashers and stalkers and evil clowns and monstrous political hatchetmen: these are the real terrors. The ones waiting in the shadows or under the bed or behind the half-closed door. The ones you will encounter beneath the street light when you walk home alone. This is their book. And now it's yours." — Neil Gaiman, NYT bestselling author (The Sandman, American Gods, Coraline, The Graveyard Book, Good Omens)

"John Kenn Mortensen has drawn a collection of creepy, weird, nasty monsters that perfectly capture the fears we felt as kids." — CVLT Nation

"Mortensen captures in the most beautiful way the feeling of staring into the darkness in fear of what might stare back." — Litteratursiden

"It's crazy how unique and skilled an artist [Mortensen] is. … beautiful, neat, detailed and enormously evocative drawings." — Kulturkapellet


9.8" × 13.3"