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The cover to Nightmare Factory by John Kenn Mortensen, featuring the title in a font reminiscent of a metal band logo, as well as the author's name. Spiders hang from the title above an illustration of a large spider-like creature with horns and human hands devouring a human child. Below the two of them is a mass of black spiders.
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John Kenn Mortensen

John Kenn Mortensen's Nightmare Factory

On sale date: October 1, 2024

A picture book for terror-friendly children aged 6 to 66. The third book in English from Danish horror illustrator John Kenn Mortenson (even his name is scary!).

Gruesome, spindly figures gather outside a house, then spirit away a dreaming youth, bed and all. The stage is set for 32 skin-crawling poems imagining various children’s nightmares, all with sequential illustrations by Danish horror master Mortenson.

His creepy visions fade to black at the edges, like a dreamer unable to shift their focus, and conjure delicious terror all by themselves. Similarly, the tiny poems each evoke a distinct sense of dread for the sleeping imagination to expand upon; together, the words and pictures combine and amplify each other. The sequences splay across double-page spreads, evoking Edward Gorey gone grand scale, and grand guignol.

For those of a nervous disposition, read in bright sunlight. For those in search of a nervous disposition, take two before bed.


10.25" × 7.25"